Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cypress Air Duct Cleaning

Licensed Cypress TX Air Duct Cleaning

For those living and working in the Cypress area humidity and pollutants are a challenge to your air duct and HVAC system. Mold, mildew, microbes and spores thrive in the climate, threatening air quality and your health. There are two main reasons you should have your system cleaned.

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Licensed Cypress TX Dryer Vent Cleaning

A plugged vent will certainly cause a dryer to run hotter and increase the chance that something could catch fire. A dirty vent, however, is only one link in a chain of events that must occur for a fire to start. Other events may include: failure of thermostat and limit switches in the dryer, lint inside the dryer, a missing or damaged lint screen, and a crushed hose behind the dryer.